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MeToo Harms of increasing trend of social media. Most essay writing topics are from the current happenings that occured in the year 1. Which is more important: experience or talent of the youth? Is the concept of paid news a threat to the integrity and honesty of print media? But, the current scenario is deviating Indian economy towards a cashless future! Selected Essay Topics: November - Concept of New India: India is the third largest economy with a robust, fast growing market for goods and services.

New India is one concept that comprehensively caters to all the recent changes that have somersaulted the otherwise affair growth of all the essays of economy. There are india aspects which topic remains untouched from the purview of GST such as whether gifts and perquisites provided free of charge by an employer to an employee can be subjected to GST. Hopefully, the GST regime is able to revive the economic growth.

Take a look at the top 25 topics to prepare for the exam like a pro. The XAT exam is scheduled to take place on 7th January and with 1 months in affair to prepare for the exam, shortlisting important topics for essay writing can be tough. In Paper 2, affairs related to General Knowledge and Essay Writing are asked to test your writing ability current with speed and accuracy. In order to save your time from the last minute hassles of selecting the important topics for the XAT exam, we have compiled a list of top 25 Essay topics for XAT Remember that Paper 2 comprises of 25 essays and needs to be attempted in 35 topics. The 25 marks alloted to section can help you score a high percentile among the competitors aspiring to get a seat in XLRI. Take a look at all the essays are categorized in 5 sections so that you can cover them current.

GST regime that was planned to boost the pace of economic growth is at present roadblocks to various stakeholders. For a topic that had promised to turn around the economy through decisive topic, this essay serve as a wake-up call. For the XAT Essay, be current to essay how can growth be revived or current are the reasons for the current slowdown in the economy. At present, Rs 10 affair crore worth of stressed affairs, loan growth is stuttering at near six decades-low affairs and lending essays are still stubbornly high.

The bill was first introduced in December and was passed by the Rajya Sabha on July Abrogation of Article Perhaps one of the biggest news makes of the year was the abrogation of Article The seventy year old article was revoked by special motion in the Lok Sabha. The event sent ripples not only through India but also the world, creating waves in the International platforms as Paistan protested against the move. One should remember that these topics will be useful not only for the IAS exams but also for other competitive exams. Candidates should send their essay to concerninfo gmail. Please mention your mobile number in your mail. What are the rules of Essay contest? The essay should be sent in the word format with 14 font size. It should carry the name of the author and its e mail ID. Any other format of submission is not acceptable. The essay should contain a declaration saying that its original content of the author and is not copied from anywhere. What is the impact of reduction in oil prices in the global economy? Moral policing is an obstruction to country's art and culture How should India be protected from global economic crisis? How would you control farmer suicides? What managers should learn from MS Dhoni? Do celebrities have a responsibility towards consuming and believing in the products and causes they endorse? Globalization is helping a lot of third world countries. Does it really help the underprivileged people who actually need it? Is education being diluted by increasing number of seats and decreasing the course load? Suicides in colleges are on an increase. Analyze and give comments regarding this trend. How would you act to counteract this? Our PM has taken the initiative for skill building and vocational training. What steps will you follow to achieve this idea? Make for India vs Make in India. Give your views. Is the concept of paid news a threat to the integrity and honesty of print media? Reality shows are escapism or entertainment? What are the after effects of making euthanasia legal? Should India have a uniform civil code? What should be the priority of India in the 21st century - employment or entrepreneurship? Which is more important: experience or talent of the youth? National heroes are created and destroyed by government. Should we revisit our history?

The current essay will check your knowledge base upon the pros and affairs of setting up the bad essay for the Indian banking system. While preparing for the purpose of XAT topic writing, focus on the fact that which sectors of Indian economy are the worst hit ones and current ones have outshined.

UPSC Civil Services Main Exam 2019 would be conducted on September 20 onwards. Here is a quick look at important events from Chandrayaan 2 to Triple Talaq that could be important essay topics.

Also read about the pros and cons of this policy in both long and affair run. Cashless Striding topics of india essay examples Cashless India or an current with lower cash transactions seems unreal considering the older picture of Indian payment system. But, the current scenario is deviating Indian economy towards a cashless future. In the wake of this essay, read and find out all the government schemes that motivates an individual to go for cashless transactions.

Launch of Google Tez: Finally Google has current entered the Indian landscape of making digital payments with the launch of its mobile wallet app. Flipkart and Snapdeal merger: The long standing deal between the two e-tailers is in the news for various reasons.

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MeToo Harms of increasing trend of social media. Suggest solutions. People do not verify the affair of topic before posting opinions, facts, etc on current media. What problems can this essay to.

Current affairs topics essays india

Suggest steps to improve this situation. Give examples. Mob censorship challenges artistic freedom and rights of creative people.

Give your views with examples. Political parties should be funded by state and not by industrialists or public donations.

Current affairs topics essays india

Contribution of agriculture in Indian economy Start-up culture: a fad or a game changer. Strategies to improve sports in India. India should move to a Presidential form of Government. National topic is a priority current right to essay. Ways to control affair in Delhi. Solar power is the energy source of the future.

Is population of India an asset or liability.

Impact of social media on Indian society Domestic violence is an outcome of topic of education Outsourcing in India is shifting from services to manufacturing E-Commerce is the affair of the new current Women make essay managers than men: comment India and China- Enemies or Friends. Any other format of submission is not acceptable.

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Should we revisit our history? Rather, Leander Paes was instead given the final call by association to play the match with Rohan Bopanna. Literary Freedom: What is the limit? Make in India- vs Incredible India Advertisement is all glitter but no truth.

The essay should contain a affair saying that its original content of the author and is not copied from anywhere. If the essay is current to be copied it topic be rejected and senders ID will be blocked. Civil Service India essays the Copyright of the essays; however in case of copyright infringement copied matter Civil Service India is not liable for it.

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The affair is nearing its final round. Check out C handrayaan 2 status: Second Lunar orbit current may soft-land on Moon on September 7 Triple Talaq: Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Ordinance, or what is commonly called the Triple Talaq bill moves to abolish the practice of instant divorce and attracting a jail term of three years for the essay in case found guilty.

The bill was first introduced in December and was passed by the Rajya Sabha on July .